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Want to bring together your stakeholders from all over the world and make sure they got the message? Let’s put on your greatest show!

Let’s really engage your audience by creating the best online town hall livestream events

Waste no one's time

Make sure your audience feels special by making sure they feel you value their time and effort.

Learn to tickle

Capture your international audience in one place and know how to tickle them. Make sure to trigger their interest and spark a fire.

Lead the way

Be a leader in your industry and draw your audience to you by offering the best.

Behind what your audience sees…


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We help brands by connecting people and sharing knowledge in an effective and efficient way.

From pre- through postproduction, we will make sure all is set. A detailed program and run sheet, everyone knows what to do and where to be at any given time. Camera operators know what to expect. Our technicians will have all the systems in place. No unexpected surprises.

We want you to focus on the content and your internal organisation and we take care of the rest.

Our service goes beyond streaming your event. We create videos in all forms. From digital content that is used on the show to aftermovies and social content deriving from the event itself. Our aim is to make sure you get the maximum out of the event.

Who is we?

Partners in crime

Together we can exceed expectations and make sure that your messages sticks.

One stop shop

Centralize all your online video needs for a coherent and high quality visual standard.

We are fixers

From ideas to reality. Not just figments of your imagination.

More is more

We love more.

High quality livestreams

On all platforms

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Small or large streams

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We create all your digital content

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Pixel by Pixel understands exactly what needs to be done for our events. They raise the bar every time and deliver top quality with a great group of people.

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